After a brief parenthesis as CB In 1972, (year when I got married to alone at 23  (years) I began my activity' as SWL, immediately impassioning me at the DX.

In 1976 I attended the course of OM In the Section A.R.I. of IMPERIA, after having joined it.

Passed at the first attempt in GENOVA the examination of THEORY and CW, arrived the license from ROME called I1EEW

My First Radio Was The Line YAESU FR And FL 50 Bs valve, that supplied around 30 Watts of power; I granted a vertical aerial of the 10 Meters on other bands and I have connected my first 100 Countries DXCC.

Seen the excessive speeds' of the CW in RADIO, I was immediately  doscouraged and I have continued the activity for some times in SSB only.

In 1979 I have bought the directive aerial 3 EL. 10 15 20 HASAHIs and the Radio valve SOKA 747 (twin of the famous FT500DX). With 250 Watts of Power and the directive I have been able to dedicate myself at the DX the whole possible passion, In line with my job.

In those years the Cluster didn't exist, and you could find the countries turning the VFO (analogical) of the Radio for modes; in the meantime they began the operations in SPLIT in deliveries, so had to equip with an external receiver (YAESU FRG 7).

In the '80s, I became President of the Section A.R.I. of IMPERIA and I have as adviser.

In that period I was very keen on Contest and several Certificates all over the world, achieving over a hundred of them. In the meantime I had taken back the activity in CW, recovering the Countries lost in the previous period.

In a Contest world A.R.R.L. Single Operator In 20 Meters SSB, I arrived 8th  absolute in the world with almost 1.400 QSOs and all the multipliers connected.

In the WPX also I was the world, top, also getting the WPX Excellence with the 160 meters. Always In the  '80s, after having achieved the W.A.S., I began the connections with the American Counties, enrolling me at the M.A.R.A.C., and reaching in the 3 year-old turn, 2.500 Counties. I have abandoned then this activity' since my American Manager AI1Q Dick Torrey, died at only 49.

Luckily I have always had a tolerant wife that has never hindered my activity at  the RADIO... I remember the times when she brought me the steak in front of the radio during the contests not to waste time!!!

In the '90s I have purchased the KENWWOD TS 440 ses, that preserve now in my cottage in mountain. Respect to the SOKA 747, the difference was notable about level of receipt... and In 1994 I have reached the TOP HONOR ROLL (first in the zone 1 in Italy) with 327 confirmed Countries (all) + 8 DELETEDs. 

Concerning the QSLS in the album, I still have in mind many QSOS with very rare stations; many connected OMS unfortunately are not any more, but I preserve beatiful memoirs of them and so much admiration.

After a certain period of QRT (I didn't have anything to connect), luckily they have founded new Countries DXCC... and the hunting has restarted again more Intense than before, also because I am retired now and I have all the time that I want. 

I have rechecked the over 50.000 QSLs riceived and I have made a selection for the future Application of the CHALLENGE DXCC. The SCORE is not very tall, because I have never had the aereal for the WARCs (I have the Titan DX now), owever I have over 1.800 Countries confirmed on the various bands. 

                MIXED:   339 H.R. + 11 deleted = 350 - I need only P5

                PHONE:  339 H.R. + 11 deleted = 350 - I need only P5

                CW:        339 H.R. + 9 deleted = 348 - I need  only P5


== == == 
In 2005 I have begun the activity' in Mobile HF, devoting me to the activations of the D.C.I. (Castles), D.L.I. (Lakes), and subsequently the D.M.I. (Town hall) and I.F.F. (Parks).

From the 2005 to 2010 has effected in Mobile 126.249 QSOs and well 778 activated references... a beautiful pastime.

--> 1° Tour of Lazio 12-16 august 2007 
--> 2° Tour of Lazio 10-16 august 2008 
--> 1° Tour Lake Garda 14-17 july 2009 
 --> 2° Tour Lake Garda 07-11 june 2010 
   --> 1° Tour Lake Iseo 16 - 20 august 2010 
                 --> 1° Tour Lake Maggiore 13 - 17 september 2010 

TOURS = beautiful vacations, visit to new places, relax and... some activity radio. 
..... to the next ones!   


Vy 73's and sorry for my english.

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